So, it’s been awhile since my last post…oops. When I initially started this, I wanted to put out a new post every week…and that didn’t happen (again, oops). I promise next time I’ll (try) and not let it be so long! With fall + colder weather approaching, here are a few of my September favourites!


1. I’m all about mugs. Anything that can hold a cup of tea is fantastic (chai tea, even better)! I’m loving all the graphic designers that are putting their work on mugs, I find them so uplifting and pretty! When I saw this mug, I thought it was perfect! And my handsome husband sneakily picked it up for me as a surprise (love you, boo). I’ve been told many times that I’m too happy…which was maybe not meant as a compliment, but I took it as one anyways! I think in our society, there is no way for us not to be happy and appreciative for all the blessings we are given. We take for granted so much. Count the blessings around you today, it’ll put a smile on your face. Just like this mug.


2.  This verse. “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love”-1 John 4:8. Lately a lot of hate has stemmed from people forgetting Jesus’ example of acceptance and love. So many people put themselves out into the media and claim they are fighting in the name of Christ–which, perhaps their motives are pure; however, they go about things in the wrong way. Taking a small selection of radicals, Christians become viewed as hateful, judgemental, close-minded people who are going to discriminate against you if you are the least bit different. Christ’s example of love becomes ruined as people forget how Christ loved others. Christ is the epitome of love, and if we want to have the privilege of calling ourselves CHRIST-ians, we must follow that example. How can you serve someone in need in your community? How can you bless someone else and show them Christ’s love? Instead of spewing hate and judgement, let us love.  If I can say anything, may it be love.


3. My Steve Maddens. With fall quickly approaching, I’ve been digging into my closet to find my sweaters + scarfs + cozy socks. And just last week I dug into my wallet for my credit card to pick out a new pair of these bad boys. The last pair I had lasted me 3 years, and I did not give up on them until there were holes in the toes! I look much cuter in layers…so summer is an awkward time where I try and get by through as many layers as I can, but mainly it’s just uncomfortable. So, cold weather is warmly welcomed! I’ve never been super girly–the fifty shades of grey book series could have been written about my wardrobe because it is literally just different tones of grey + black. So, these boys are perfect. They are my go-to in terms of foot-wear, in fact it is rare that I will be wearing something other than these..and if I am, it is only because combat boots aren’t cute with a dress. Sadly.



That’s it. I’ll try and be back with a few more favourites very soon! xx