About Lifestyle

What is lifestyle photography?  Lifestyle photography allows me to capture you and your family as they are in their natural habitat doing things you do in your real life. Lifestyle sessions that I offer include portrait, maternity, engagement & family + child.

Why do I love lifestyle photography? Because we aren’t doing the posed + stiff photos but capturing you and your loved ones as they are in just that moment. I want to give you memories that you can physically hold onto and look back on, and think ‘that is just how we were in that moment’.

Not to say, I won’t try and get some photos for you that will be perfect for the Christmas card with everyone looking and smiling at the camera,  but it’s not the kind of photography that I aim to capture for your family.

I simply prefer to show you as you are- the little kisses, reading a story to your new baby, smiles between spouses, snuggles by the fireplace, going for a hike together as a family. The real moments.