About Me

Hi, I’m Caroline!

I’m a lifestyle portrait and wedding photographer based in Brantford, ON. Photography and creating lasting memories is my passion!  I prefer a lifestyle approach to photography as it creates a more relaxed environment, which allows me to capture you just as you are in that moment and time of life. It also allows me to capture all the little details that make you unique such as your personal style and favourite things!


Wanna know a few more things about me? First things first, I’ve found true happiness because I’ve been saved by Christ’s love. I have a huge sense of how much I have been given in terms of grace, love, and blessings. Through this, everything in my life comes down to one word: thankful.  Quick exercise, take a second and think about 3 things that you are thankful for in this moment. Did that brighten your mood a little? Thought so. An attitude of gratefulness creates a society of happy people who are constantly looking at their blessings instead of the negatives around them (and there can be  lot of negatives in this world!). This thankfulness creates for me such a love for others and a desire to make others happy and cheer up their day in any little way that I can. It is my desire to see everyone smile and succeed! I’ve been told that I’m too happy–almost to an annoying fault sometimes–but I own my happiness and consider it one of my best qualities that I’ve been blessed with.

Everything else is secondary. I have a soft and quiet spirit. I love dark chocolate (probably way too much, but is there ever a too much!?). Chai tea is my go-to. I’m a major panda enthusiast! I like clean spaces + simplicity-I’m very organized and like life to be that way.  I love candid and true moments. I adore vintage style.  I can’t watch scary movies–so please don’t make me. My hubs is my biggest fan and supporter, for which I am oh so grateful.  In my spare time (when I’m not chasing a toddler around), you can find me perusing Pinterest- undoubtedly finding dessert recipes that involve way too much dark chocolate!

Take a look at my portfolio and if you like my style, I would so love to get together with you for a hot/cold beverage of choice! My treat!



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