This family is adorable. Seriously. Leanne contacted me back in August regarding family photos + I was so thrilled to work with their family! Leanne mentioned how she felt like time was moving by so fast (which I think you realize so much more once you have kids just how quickly life moves). Anyways,  she mentioned that she wanted some memories to hold onto and I was so excited to meet them + stop time for a moment.

We met at Rouge Beach Park and spent our session walking the beach, dipping toes in the water + desperately trying not to slip + fall off the rocks- (thanks for being brave, guys). The day was super bright (sorry if I temporarily blinded you, Cabral Family), but we made the best of it! Hard to believe this was just two weeks ago with how quickly fall weather has swooped in!

Leanne + James are so cute with each other. James is the guy who instantly makes Leanne smile + shine, and the way she looks at him for that is beautiful. All you can see is true love when these two are together.

Oh, also! Leanne is a speaker + leads workshops, and she is also in the process of currently writing a book about faith and how we show that to our children (can you say supermom!?), visit her site here. We finished our session with a few headshots for her upcoming projects!

Cabral Family, thank you for trusting me to capture your family memories! Your gallery will be up this week!