Courtney is a real beauty. And when I say that, you can trust what I’m saying because not only is she naturally beautiful, but she actually is a beauty blogger who knows all the little tips and tricks that you or I just wouldn’t know. Courtney felt it was time to update her portraits for her blog, so I was so excited at the prospect of working with her! Can I just say that she made my job incredibly easy…like incredibly. Our time together was flawless–just like Courtney’s makeup! Seriously though, in our time together my makeup was running down my face immediately, and hers was perfectly in tack throughout the whole time. She has some skills! The combination of her red hair, blue eyes, and luminous skin …WITH that sunset–perfection! As a location, Courtney picked Gage Park in Hamilton. We had so much variety in terms of spots–seriously, at one point we were at rugged fence, at another we were in the midst of a unique architectural space, there is a bandshell and then right in the middle of it all is is big, wide open spaces. As a location with a lot of variety, it fit the bill!

If Courtney’s look and makeup inspire you, take a peek at her beauty blog–I have no doubt you’ll fall in love with her style:

It was a pleasure working with you, Courtney. <3