Courtney + Shayne are so sweet. You may remember Courtney from her portrait session I did just under a year ago. Courtney is the picture of beauty. Also, I’m obsessed with her doll-like eyes and skin. Porcelain, baby! She also runs a very successful beauty blog that helps girls embrace their inner and outer beauty while also helping you make the decisions of what products are best for you. She’s awesome, check her out! Shayne, her counterpart, is hilarious and all through out our sessions was making Courtney giggle either by making faces or making up christmas songs–he keeps her smiling which is so telling of their relationship!

The night we met was my birthday, and it was just the best because I had such a great day and got to finish the evening with these two doing what I love most!

To start, we met at Mulberry Coffeehouse which I’m declaring is the sweetest little coffeehouse on James Street North. The atmosphere is lovely and has cute details in the decor and great seating options. Our time at Mulberry was perfect because it was real life for these two as it is their favourite coffee spot and you can often find them there just talking and enjoying life together with coffee in hand.

From there, we finished our evening together at Dundurn Castle and it was stunning. So much pretty!! Dundurn Castle is a great spot for engagement photos as it has gorgeous grounds, offers a  peaceful setting, as well as allows you to see lots of dogs walking through with their people (which made Shayne smile like crazy!). These two shared some cuddles and giggles here finishing off our perfect evening together.


Looking so forward to Courtney + Shayne’s vintage glam garden wedding next July! Stay tuned!