Okay, honesty time-I’ve fallen off the blogging band wagon. Like so far off I didn’t know if it would be possible to get back on–but today I am back and ready to stretch my blogging muscles.

Today on the blog is Jessa and Felipe’s Toronto Harbourfront engagement session.

Jessa is a flight attendant and between constantly flying and the time difference, we never had a chance for a client consultation before booking with me for her wedding. So Jessa booked me sight unseen (which I feel so honoured about because finding a wedding photographer is hard you guys! The amount of trust to book someone before you’ve even had a chance to chat with them face-to-face–honoured doesn’t even begin to cover it.). Jessa had found me on Instagram and especially loved a dear project that is very close to my heart that I started (the love project that I run on every Tuesday–message me for more info regarding that!).

We shot their engagement session at the end of February, and surprisingly the weeks leading up to their engagement session had been quite mild; however, on the actual day of their engagement session, it was freezing. Being right next to the water, the wind was blowing, by the end of the session, my hands were purple-y red and barely working any more. With all of that said, and despite the freezing temperatures, these two managed to enjoy their time together, soak up the moments and just be completely adorable.  These two are so purely in love with each other. Having managed a long-distance relationship, they savor every moment given to them and even in the most freezing of winter days they keep smiling, loving, and blessing each other. Which is so special.

I’ve fallen so in love with each and every one of my couples that I joke that the tears are going to be free-falling all summer. Okay, it’s not a joke–it’s true. I’m okay with that. Thank Jesus for waterproof mascara, right!?

I look so forward to their June Hamilton wedding at the Lakeview. Stay tuned, you’ll be seeing some more of these cuties.