November is here upon us, I can’t even believe how fast this year has flown by! I always say that you really don’t know how time flies until you have a little one and can look back on the past year with them in front of you and see how they’ve really changed. It just makes you realize so much more how the days are long, but the years are short. *Nostalgic moment over.* With that being said, I am one of those overly annoying people who gets so excited for Christmas at the start of November, I would pop out all the christmas music and decorations now if it wasn’t for the fact that they’re all packed up (see below). Here are my business and personal goals for the month of November!


  1. Styled Shoot Planning. I have so been wanting to get together a styled shoot, so as I’m starting to get into a slower season I figure now is the time to really start planning. Now when I say start planning, I truly mean just starting because at this point I don’t even have a vision in mind–so I’ll need to definitely figure that out first before I start lining up vendors and models. But I’m so excited for what the future holds!
  2. Second Shooting. Second Shooting. Second Shooting. I am still learning and trying to stick my neck out into the wedding world and would love to have more opportunities to second shoot and keep gaining experience. Ultimately, wedding + couple photography is what I want to do, and anything that can get me a little bit closer to that is the dream. I say this a lot, but I am blessed. And when I say that, I say it because I know it is not by my own personal hard work and desire to chase this dream that has gotten me where I am. Instead, it is my God behind me backing me up every step of the way and leading me to the things He has planned for me. I am blessed.


  1. Gym it up 5 times a week…or at least 3. In the middle of October, I became a gym member at Movati -and they told me that only 20% of people who get memberships use them. I want to be part of that 20%. As is clear from past blog posts, I’m all about chocolate and anything sweet–I’ve been trying to kick that! It’s not easy, but I want this. I always joke that I’m in pre-baby training, so that when I do decide to get pregnant again, I will be in good shape and have good habits going so that I don’t fall off of the bandwagon again. With my last pregnancy, I gained a lot of weight, ate terribly and had high-blood pressure at the end of my pregnancy which led to me being induced before my due date. For my next little one, I want to feel more in control of my body and be able to still eat healthy through my cravings, and I’m hoping making a lifestyle change now will help with that!
  2. Move in + Unpack. WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! Everything was a whirl-wind, we saw the house on a Saturday, put the offer in by 3 o’clock and by 9 PM we had a house! Closing date isn’t till the end of the month, but because it’s currently uninhabited, we’re hoping we can maybe speed that up a little bit. Super excited. My parents have very graciously housed us in their basement for the last two years, and it is now time for us to move into the adult world where there are mortgage payments and insurance policies. Ooh boy. Big things coming this month, but to be able to move into our place before Christmas is so wonderful!


This month has a lot of big things going on, but I’m so excited about all of it! Enjoy your November! xx