This  past month was wonderful, simply wonderful.Those who know me know I love love love fall + cozy clothes + blankets + hot drinks, so I’m so psyched that October is here! This  past month was wonderful, simply wonderful. I second-shot at a wedding with my personal wedding photographer (and photography idol), Krista of  Krista Lii Photography which was amazing, my business has started to pick up (which is wonderful as we’re beginning to move into a slower season), word of mouth is really helping + building too! This is my dream, and I’m thrilled that it’s something I can chase!


1. Book two more sessions. My goal for this last month was to book one more session, and success– (so looking forward to my adorable couple session with Josh + Taylor later this month). For October, I am upping the ante, and doubling it–it might not seem like much; however, as I’m in my first few months of business–it is for me! What is impossible for God? Nothing.

2. Get business cards. I really should have this done by now. I really, really should have…but I haven’t. When I picked up my camera last year, I immediately started thinking about business cards but then I thought about a website + company email (both things I didn’t have at the moment that should be on a business card) and gave it up. Truthfully when I thought about business cards last, it was too early in my journey, but at this point it is the right time! If anyone has any great suggestions for templates + companies, please send them my way!

3. Start think about branding. While this isn’t the most pressing issue as I’m just striving to build word of mouth, it does hold some weight and thought as I go into the future and want to brand myself as a certain type of photographer.



1. Clark turns two! I say this too often but, my little is quite quickly becoming not so little. And it makes my heart hurt to think of my teensy baby getting older and not needing me. But thank Jesus that day is not here yet! I still have a few more years with him before he completely outgrows me. 😉

2. Go Hiking. This is continuing from last month’s list (whoops). Hamilton has SO many trails + conservation areas + parks to explore…why don’t I do it? Someone hit me up and let’s go Hamilton hiking, hold me to it guys!

3. Spend more time worshipping daily. Worship rejuvenates my soul + truly helps me get back on track with what really matters. We can get so caught up in the busy-ness of life, and easily become overwhelmed with the bills piling up, the to-do lists that never end + lack of sleep due to kids, school + work. In worship, I can truly feel my heavenly Father reach his arm out to me and say “It’s okay, I’ll take care of it”, to know that all the earthly worries are nothing for Him gives me peace.

4. Start a Family Prayer Journal. This one is also continuing on from last month’s list. Again, whoops. But, I have made plans to make a beautiful cork board that will one day hang over my future office desk. I know making plans to make something doesn’t count as actually doing something…but I’m getting there.  The idea is that this board will hold everything important + pressing in the moment (prayer lists, grocery lists, daily Bible verses, reminders, etc.). Truthfully, I’ve never done anything this hands-on before (and believe me, for me–this is hands-on), but I’m going to do it + will share a picture of it when it’s done!



That’s it for now. Link me to your October Goal Lists–I’d love to read them!  Happy October! xx