I met Dan and Paula earlier this year at their friends Allie and Caleb’s wedding. Dan was in the wedding party and both he and Paula led the worship during the ceremony (which was beautiful, and I may have teared up a few times because worship at weddings just gets me).

At our initial meeting, Paula and Dan knew exactly the kind of look they were hoping for: winter engagement photos amongst tall trees. After searching for a few spots, I found Valens Lake Conservation Area and instantly knew it would be stunning as a backdrop for some engagement photos. Valens Lake is breath-taking! One of the huge draws to it this year is that it has a 425 meter skate loop that literally skates through the forest. Upon finding it, I immediately sent it off as a suggestion to Paula and Dan in hopes they  would love it as much as I did, and they did! The days leading up to their engagement session, we had no incoming snow. None. But lots of melting snow. The morning of their engagement session, I woke up to the most beautiful blanket of fluffy snow, the trees at Valens Lake looked like they had been painted with the most perfect snow and I said so many thank-you prayers to God because I knew He had a hand in painting them.

I shared part of their story earlier last week, but in case you haven’t seen it feel free to take a peek below:

Dan + Paula met in university while attending Lift Church. Dan had only seen Paula once or twice before he decided to walk up to Paula and suggest she should join the worship team. The two of them sang together on the worship team and would chat here and there but it wasn’t until Paula offered Dan a ride to worship team practice that they really began to develop a friendship. It didn’t take long for Dan to ask Paula to be his girlfriend on February 12th, 2015 (two days BEFORE Valentine’s Day since they both thought the idea of Valentines Day was lame).

Paula inspires Dan and pushes him to work hard towards what is important to him while Dan makes Paula giggle like crazy and brings out her carefree side. Hello match made in heaven!!

Together they love checking out awesome coffee shops, enjoying country concerts, giggling and playing music and worshipping together.

I’m so thrilled to be shooting their wedding later this May and feel blessed to witness their love story unfold.