I have been waiting and waiting for snow. For those of you who are hating me right now and the fact that Canada has finally realized it is winter, keep in mind we didn’t get a white Christmas-this is the make up for that. Which I’m loving! I have been dying to get out there and take some snow photos and Shanelle and Graham kindly obliged. We met just before sunset, and while I was so hoping for a fantastic winter sunset, we definitely had more of a gradual loss of light–so these photos were done in about 15 minutes as it got dark just so quickly. The plight of being a natural light photographer! Even so, I think our 15 minutes together was perfect!

Graham and Shanelle are beautiful souls. Also, they are beautiful together.

Shanelle is a fellow photographer, she is a make-up artist, an SPCA volunteer as well as being a doggy-mommy. Graham is a fantastically successful comedian, also an SPCA volunteer and doggy daddy and all around really nice guy. Please check him out and what he does here!

The running joke is that these are engagement photos–simply because everyone is so used to seeing them with their dogs, or being silly together. Serious photos must mean they are engaged right? Sorry to disappoint, but these are love photos. Because photography doesn’t have to be for just the big moments in life, but just the moments.

Shanelle + Graham, you rocked!