The Wilson’s were just the sweetest family! Heather let me know that she was going to be staying in town with her whole family and wanted to get a family session together as it wasn’t too often that they were all together, and wanted to celebrate this special moment in their lives! I think the gift of memories is the best gift you can give someone (especially at Christmastime when we are given so many things we’ll never need or use), memories are a gift that leaves a lasting impact.

Anne + Dave are Mama and Papa, their daughters are Julia, Heather and Laura, all the gentlemen were their significant others and there was a sweet special appearance by Joel (Heather + Matt’s little man). Got that all down? Now take a peek at how gorgeous they are together!

For our time together, we went to Apps Mill here in Brantford as it offered a good amount of variety in terms of gorgeous spots! As far as winter mornings go, it does start to get a little drab and overcast as the winter goes on; however, we had the sun come out to play with us at just the right times! I have to say, this whole family truly loved, and I think it shows. The love between all of them is palpable, and the kind of love that makes your heart swell!


Thank you for choosing me, Wilson Family! It was a pleasure getting together with you!